Choose The Best Electronic Cigarette For You! ø Best Electronic Cigarettes

So you’ve decided you want to buy an electronic cigarette, but you want to know what the best electronic cigarette is for you? Well this will help you break down exactly what type of electronic cigarette you should look for! Weather you’re a social smoker, a stressed out smoker, a work smoker, or an all the time smoker. We’ll get you on the right track to choosing the best e-cig for you!

Just in case you’re new to electronic cigarette and you’re still confused about how they work, check out our post on how an electronic cigarette works.

The Social Smoker

So are you the type of smoker that only smokes once or twice a week when you’re out with friends, at a club, or having a coffee? Well you’re not going to need a full blow $150 electronic cigarette starter kit! Why would you buy something like that when you’re only going to use it four or five times per month?

For this type of smoker we would recommend something from South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, but more importantly, for this ...