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    Posted on March 1st, 2011 by Michel HoeIn today’s world there are a lot of things you can do while on an airplane flying across the country. You can email someone, post to twitter, update your Facebook saying your posting from and airplane, you can even lay in a bed on some airlines if you’re flying overseas in first class. But one of the things you’ve really never been able to do, within the last 20 years, is smoke.

One airline is changing that though,Global Exec Aviation of Long Beach. Smoking was prohibited on all commercial and domestic flights as well as international flights in June 2000, but it was not banned on charter flights although charter flights much seat a non-smoker in a “non-smoking” seat if the person asks. Now, Global Exec Aviation has began to sell Blu Smoke Electronic Cigarette!

If you don’t know already, electronic cigarettes are battery powered. When the user puffs on the e-cigarette an atomizer warms up a flavored liquid that produces vapor. The user gets a burst of nicotine they desire without any of the drawbacks of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. There is no second hand smoke, no tar, and no smell.

The FAA says it’s up to individual carriers if they want to allow the use of electronic cigarettes on board their flights but commercial airlines don’t seem like they are anywhere close to making the switch to allowing electronic cigarettes.

Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins says, “We have no plans to offer e-cigarettes, and we currently do not allow their use in-flight”.

Spokeswomen Mary Frances Fagen for American Airlines says, ” We have no plans to allow any cigarettes on our aircrafts”.

Jason Holi, operations manager for Global Exec Aviation says commercial airlines might want to rethink the use of only the best electronic cigarettes.

What initially persuaded Global Exec Aviation was when a customer was ready to pay $300,000 for a trip to South Afriva but backed out when he was made aware he would not be able to smoke during the flight. This got Global Exec thinking, the use of only the best electronic cigarettes might not be a bad thing. A cigarette with no tar, no tobacco, no lighter needed, and no odor could be just the thing needed to boost sales!

“We’re in a customer-service industry,” says Holi. “If I have a passenger who’s a white-knuckle flier but a heavy chain smoker, I want to make it as accommodating as possible for him.”

Although the use of electronic cigarettes on commercial airlines seems like it may take a little while longer, it is good to see some major companies welcoming them with open arms and realizing their tremendous benefits!

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