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    Posted on March 16th, 2011 by Michel HoeWe’re very excited to be reviewing Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette, one of the newest and fastest growing electronic cigarettes brands on the market today. Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette is one of the more popular rising E-cigarettes available today. Blu E-cigarettes sell rapidly in the usa and Europe. There are many reasons behind this growing phenomenon.

The starter kit for Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes is much less expensive than comparable (See our Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review) brands. Lots of people who’re beginning to use electronic cigarettes initially appreciate the smaller investment at the onset.

Packaging and Styling

Right away you’ll notice Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette stand out from the rest of the electronic cigarettes. Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette is one of the few electronic cigarettes to use a Black E-cig as their main electronic cigarette. Doing this, we feel like it gives Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette a really “hip” or “modern” vibe to it. There definitely are a few positives to this as well. Normally when you have a very realistic looking electronic cigarette, one that is an exact replica of a traditional tobacco cigarette, you’ll get more people complaining before they know what it actually is. With Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette you don’t get that issue. We’ve seen that more people are curious about the electronic cigarette when they see it.

Also, the tip of Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette glows Blue as opposed to the traditional red tip. This also lets people know right off the bat that what you’re doing is not smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Battery Strength

The unique carrying case that is included with Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette is really a favorite aspect among people that use the product. This case holds five E-cigarettes and provides a portable batter charger. This offers convenience on a trip and provides you an organized storage option in your house. You won’t ever worry about your battery going dead and being left with no options, because when you’re utilizing a Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette, you will find always four more charging in the event you need them. Whenever your electronic cigarette battery is running low, an orange LED light at the end of this cartridge will notify you so you will not be caught by surprise. The LED light that illuminates once you inhale is blue. Even this is an advantage since most electronic cigarettes come with an orange light, which looks just like a genuine cigarette. The blue light avoids confusion if you are making use of your E-cigarette inside a restaurant or other establishment where smoking is prohibited.

We used the Blu Cig Electronic cigarette for quite some time and never once did we encounter an issue with battery life, and that’s always a plus when smoking an electronic cigarette. The last thing you want is for your electronic cigarette battery to die!

Flavors and RefillsAnother popular feature which enables Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes jump out is the number of novel flavors available. Along with classic tobacco, you may also try menthol, java, vanilla, and cherry. Even though many users prefer traditional cigarette tastes, others like the variety. Regardless, reviews are positive about the tastes provided by Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette.

Overall, the Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette is a superb method to approach reducing and quitting smoking. It enables you to continue the tactile practice of holding a cigarette, and it also provides your body with a dose of caffeine to help ease up on the cravings, as you work to place some more time between your smoking moments. All of this is carried out without worrying about added dangerous tar and carcinogens of traditional cigarettes, so when you are still receiving the nicotine, these are still safer than smoking.

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