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    Posted on March 3rd, 2011 by Michel HoeDirect E-Cig Electronic Cigarette is a company that we’re excited to review! In terms of Electronic cigarette companies, they’ve definitely been around longer than most and are definitely one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. They are one of the few companies that has made an effort to get their e-cig components from USA rather than outsourcing it overseas.

IngredientsDirect E-Cig electronic cigarette’s nicotine is 98% pure which will definitely make for a more true smoking experience. Why is this important? When other electronic cigarettes have nicotine cartridges that have been outsourced from overseas, majority of the time the solution is very filtered down to cut costs. Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette hasn’t cut any corners and by doing so they’ve created one of the “truest” smoking experience you can get from an electronic cigarette.

When you’re using an electronic cigarette for the first time, you want the nicotine content to be high, that’s why you bought an electronic cigarette. So you can get the nicotine you want from smoking, without the deadly carcinogens or tar you get with a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Importance Of A Quality Battery

Here’s another thing most electronic cigarette companies overlook, the electronic cigarette battery. At this time, electronic cigarettes are still new so chances are when you buy Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette it’s going to be your first electronic cigarette and lets face it, you don’t want to deal with a dead battery! Now one thing we will say right off the bat is, almost all electronic cigarette starter kits only come with one battery. We think they should change this. If this is the customers first electronic cigarette, give the customer two batteries! Chances are they will forget to charge their battery once or twice, it’s not a common thing to charge your cigarette.

This is where Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette shines. Almost all electronic cigarette starter kits you’ll get will come with a 3.5Volt battery. Not Direct E-Cig, there starter kit has a 5Volt battery! Now, while we would still love an extra battery, a battery that’s almost double the size of the competitors is a good thing too!Is It Realistic

This is something we get asked a lot in regards to electronic cigarettes. Let’s think about this for a second, you’ve been smoking for years, you’re used to the weight of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Yes, an electronic cigarette will feel different at first. It does weigh a tad bit more. But think about why you’ve made the switch, it’s not because of the weight of tobacco cigarettes. It’s because you want to switch from smelly, carcinogen filled, tobacco cigarettes, to a “healthier” way of smoking.

Direct E-Cig Smoking Experience

Like all electronic cigarettes, you have no tobacco, no tar, no ashes or anything along those lines when you smoke Direct E-Cig. Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette uses the highest quality, lab tested nicotine to ensure their users get the amount of nicotine they are expecting.

When you “smoke” the Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette you get great plumes of vapor and the taste of a real cigarette that you’re looking for without the smell or secondhand smoke.

When we ordered our starter kit from Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette, it arrived within the same week which was very surprising to us. It was very well packaged and had a very professional feel to it! Since one of the people reviewing Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette loved it so much, they opted to order more refill packs.

We also want to mention how much we saved using Direct E-Cig Electronic Cigarette over traditional tobacco cigarettes. You’ll save a ton of money no matter which electronic cigarette you choose, but we’re continually amazed at how much you can actually save by making the switch!

With the Direct E-Cig kit you get:

5 Volt Lithium Ion Battery10 Refill Cartridges1 Wall Charger1 Atomizer

If you’re looking for one of the best electronic cigarettes, we think you’ll be pleased with Direct E-Cig.

To go to the Direct E-Cig site, click the link below.

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