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    Posted on March 23rd, 2011 by Michel HoeStill not sure if even the Best Electronic Cigarette is right for you? Did you know that a 40 year old smoker, who quits smoking tobacco cigarette all together and put that savings in a 401(k) would have more than $250,000 saved up by the time they reached 70 years old! By this time you’ve figured out that smoking tobacco cigarettes is costly to not only your wallet, but many aspects of your life! Dry cleaning, you’re bound to want to get that ashtray smell out of your favorite suit or dress, that’s going to cost a little something. Insurance, this is no secret. If you are a smoker, your insurance is going to cost more, period. What about your job? Did you know some places will not hire you if you are a smoker, and some places have started to fire people that smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes! So if the thought of cancer hasn’t persuaded you to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, let’s shine some light on some other aspects of a smokers life.

There are many parts of your life that smoking tobacco cigarettes will impact over time. The financial part of smoking reaches far beyond the cost of cigarettes compared to the cost of electronic cigarettes ( see our electronic cigarette savings calculator ). Repeated studies have shown that resale value of your home is going to suffer greatly if you are a smoker. Some have even shown that resale will go down even if you haven’t smoked inside your house simply because the smell is still evident! It is also reported that in the grand scheme of things, smokers will have a lower salary and receive less in pension and social security. Now, think about the electronic cigarette. If you simply switch to the electronic cigarette, you will avoid coming home and smelling like an ashtray. This in turn is going to keep your home smelling fresh and will not diminish the home value.

A company in Michigan, Weyco Medical Benefits Administrator announced they would no long employ smokers. Soon after that, four smokers were fired due to the fact they would not take a breathe test. They aren’t the only one’s making a change either, check out these other companies that either won’t hire smokers for full time jobs or won’t hire smokers period:

Kalamazo Community College: Will not hire a smoker for a full time positionAlaska Airlines: Requires a test before employmentTacoma-Pierce County Health Dept.: Applicants must submit a signed affidavit of non-tobacco use.Union Pacific: Will not hire a tobacco cigarette smoker period.

Plus the fact that many companies have been known to charge smokers more for their health care benefits. “Tobacco Free Kids” recently conducted a survey and found out that smokers cost the economy an average of $97.6 billion per yea in lost productivity due to things like smoke breaks and sick days. Think about this one, some companies will give you a paid smoke break, some will not. Switching to the electronic cigarette will completely negate this issue! The use of an electronic cigarette does not require a lighter, nor will it emit secondhand smoke, it is almost 100% odorless, you’re not inhaling and tar, and you will not inhale any of the 4,000+ carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes.

We have had many emails from employees of companies telling us that they have made the switch to the best electronic cigarette for them and are successfully smoking inside their work environment! Not only that, we’ve also heard from managers of those employees reporting an increase in work productivity, which in turn leads to higher pay. This is all due to the fact that you’re no longer having to leave your desk, cubicle, telephone, work area for a smoke break any longer! Now, we do want to say that this will obviously vary from work place to work place, but there aren’t to many business’s that will turn down an increase of productivity that we know of!

Now, let’s actually break down the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In 2011, the average cost of a pack of tobacco cigarettes in New York City is $11. If you’re smoking one pack per day, you’re going to spend around $330 per month and nearly $4,000 per year! Now, let’s say you make the switch to the electronic cigarette. Each cartridge is about equal to two packs of cigarettes, the cost of five cartridges is about $13-$16. In 2012, if you were to smoke the same amount, you would save close to $9 PER DAY, $300 PER MONTH, and close to $3,500 PER YEAR! Think of what you could spend an extra $300 on at the end of the month, or even better, think of what you could spend an extra $3,500 on at the end of the year! That’s a good shopping trip every month or a hard earned vacation at the end of the year!

Again, that’s only thinking of the financial benefits of the electronic cigarette! We haven’t even got into the million other benefits, but to be honest, we probably won’t get into them on this post. The reason we’re not going to talk about how the electronic cigarette will save you from yellowing teeth, or save you from causing wrinkles prematurely like tobacco cigarettes do, or smelling like an ashtray at the end of the day, we’re not going to talk about those things because put simply, if those reasons we stated previously aren’t enough to get you to switch from tobacco cigarettes to the best electronic cigarette, we don’t know what will!

But, in 2012, 2013, if you’ve decided you’ve had it up to here with big tobacco and traditional cigarettes. You’re ready to make the switch to the electronic cigarette and start saving massive amounts of money. You’re ready to stop smelling like an ashtray. You’re ready to be able to have friends get in your car and not immedietly ask to roll down a window. If you’re ready to enhance your life and switch to the electronic cigarette, take a look at our Best Electronic Cigarette 2011, we’re sure you’ll find the best electronic cigarette for you!

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