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    Posted on March 16th, 2011 by Michel HoeWhat makes a better electronic cigarette? A two piece electronic cigarette or a three piece electronic cigarette? Well, we’ll start from the beginning here in case you don’t know what we’re talking about!

With electronic cigarettes growing so rapidly in popularity, there have been a lot of different companies popping up and it’s only natural that some companies will do things different than other companies. Let’s take Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette, the use the two piece electronic cigarette. But look at a company like South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette, they produce both the two piece e-cigarette and the three piece e-cig.

So if you’re completely new to the electronic cigarette, here are the differences between the two. Traditionally smokeless cigarettes were made up of three pieces, a battery, an atomizer, and a filter. Now the operation of the battery was to power the little LED on the tip of the electronic cigarette and to warm the atomizer as the electronic cigarette was being puffed. As you puff on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer warms the nicotine solution kept in the filter (butt) of the electronic cigarette. Once that solution is warmed, it becomes a harmless vapor.

When you inhale/exhale that vapor, you’re not going to be inhaling any tar, or exhaling any secondhand smoke. You’re getting rid of the 4,000+ chemicals and carcinogens you find in traditional cigarettes and you don’t have to deal with lighting any tobacco.

Now you obviously get all the same benefits with the two piece electronic cigarette. There is still zero tar, no tobacco, no secondhand smoke, and you’re not going to be lighting anything! But here’s the difference. The Filter and the atomizer are combined into one piece called the cartomizer. Electronic cigarette companies state that the benefits of this are, the nicotine solution will stay fresher longer, when you run out of nicotine in a filter and go to swap filters you don’t have a mess, and when you swap filters, you’re essentially getting a new atomizer.

What we want to point out is, after testing a lot of the best electronic cigarettes and doing a lot of electronic cigarette reviews, we have yet to have a “mess” when changing filters. So we’re not sure where that comes from. But we do know that sometimes, in the three piece design, atomizers do go bad. They get clogged up, or eventually stop working. We want to be clear though, this has only happened to us after using a three piece electronic cigarette for a long time. The atomizers don’t go out frequently! But, we do definitely see the benefits of having a fresh atomizer/cartomizer with every replacement.

What’s the downfall of this? Well, cartomizer refill’s tend to be a tad bit more expensive. We’re not talking $20 more though, the cartomizer refills are generally only a few bucks more.

All in all, once you make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, no matter which design of electronic cigarette you go with, the savings are still going to be huge and all your health benefits are still going to be astronomical. So is there a clear winner in the debate between the two piece electronic cigarette and the three piece electronic cigarette, not really.

No matter what, when you make the switch to any electronic cigarette you’re going to be doing yourself, your wallet, and the people around you a huge favor!

To find out which e-cigarette is best for you, check out our electronic cigarette reviews!

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