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    Posted on March 8th, 2011 by Michel HoeThe Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kits are a few of the more more expensive starter kits available. I truly enjoy smoking my Green Smoke electronic cigarette and feel that they truly have a superior quality product. However I believe the retail price could possibly be lowered slightly.

Green Smoke electronic cigarette sells three different types of electronic cigarette starter kits. All of them basically offer the same thing with some different variations in batteries and cartridges.

The first (upper left) is perfect for social smokers, it offers a home and USB charger, one battery and five electronic cigarette refill cartridges and is sold for $109. The next Green Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit (bottom) contains the very same thing as the social smokers kit. However has an additional battery and costs $139. The third electronic cigarette starter kit that Green Smoke electronic cigarette sells (right) is known as the love birds kit. This kit is basically the same as two of the basic kits. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette love birds kit includes four batteries, 2 USB and 2 home chargers, along with ten Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridges.

Although Green Smoke electronic cigarette has an excellent product their prices are somewhat higher compared to most of the other electronic cigarettes available on the market. If however money is not really a concern or should you simply want the very best the cost factor ought to be easily over looked.

Appearance Initially the Green Smoke electronic cigarette looks nearly the same as a traditional cigarette. The filters are available in various colors dependent upon the flavor. Besides that it drastically resembles a traditional cigarette. Whenever you have a drag from the Green Smoke electronic cigarette the tip even illuminates red. However , if you hold the Green Smoke electronic cigarette you are able to tell that it’s a little bigger than the majority of the other electronic cigarettes. There is however a reason for this and we’ll get to that a little later during the review.Unlike many of the other electronic cigarettes available on the market the Green Smoke electronic cigarette has only two parts. Many electronic cigarettes consist of a battery, atomizer, and refill cartridge, the Green smoke electronic cigarette’s atomizer is built into the cartridge. So each time you’re going and screw on (yes they screw on) a brand new Green Smoke refill cartridge you will get a fresh new atomizer. I enjoy this feature of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette even though it is much like a double edged sword, but we are going to get to that a little later in this review also.Refilling Your Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

When it comes to the Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridges my primary thoughts are really fickle. On the one hand the Green Smokes refill cartridges are some of the most expensive available on the market at almost $3 an item ($14.75 for 5 refills). It really sounds expensive though it may be still half the price of a pack of cigarettes. Nevertheless the prices are easily justified in what Green Smoke electronic cigarette provides in each refill cartridge. To begin each electronic cigarette refill cartridge that Green Smoke makes includes a brand new atomizer constructed into it. Which means you never need to concern yourself with replacing a burnt out atomizer. This one thing may be the biggest reasons why Green Smoke electronic cigarettes hit so well. If you think of it most electronic cigarette companies sell replacement atomizers for about $10 – $20 dollars. Green Smoke is practically giving them away with each refill. Another real big advantage of Green Smoke refill cartridges would be the fact they hold more e-liquid than almost every other cartridge I’ve come across. Each refill cartridge is equivalent to about 400 puffs from what they say, however I never really counted the drags I took. The majority of electronic cigarettes available on the market have refill cartridges that hold around 200 puffs. Therefore you have about double the amount of smoking satisfaction from each refill cartridge. Some other refill cartridges equal about 15 cigarettes the Green Smoke refill cartridges equal approximately 30 cigarettes. So in all reality they’re 2x the refill cartridge than many of the others available, which makes them the longest lasting electronic cigarette refill cartridge that you can purchase.Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Batteries

The Green Smoke electronic cigarette batteries are what makes this electronic cigarette kinda big. Although not big as you would traditionally consider. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette continues to be no more than as long as a conventional 100 cigarette.

Nevertheless the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is a touch big throughout the mid section. Causing this to be particular electronic cigarette just a little fat. So if you initially begin using it you’ll sense the increase in diameter. If I needed to estimate I’d say it is about 1 1/2 the width of the normal cigarette or even comparable to a Camel Wide.

The Green Smoke battery can also be fairly long-lasting. Even though it only lasts about 50 % of a refill cartridge you need to consider just how long the cartridges last. Because the cartridges last about doubly long as the typical electronic cigarette refill cartridge battery follows suit. So rather than needing to switch batteries after 12 – 15 or so cigarettes worth of vaping (3/4 day) as you would with many other electronic cigarettes, the Green Smoke battery should easily last around a day through a day and a half (according to just how much you smoke) before you need to screw in a fully charged battery.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Verdict

Well it really is finally the perfect time to finish off this Green Smoke electronic cigarette review. I need to say it is really a pleasure reviewing this brilliant product. The Green Smoke brand of electronic cigarette starter kits are first rate. They provide a distinctive design that provides more advantages than anything. Not forgetting making use of their two part design you can just screw a refill cartridge on your spare battery and have absolutely two completely functional electronic cigarettes. Now can any other electronic cigarette do this? I really don’t think so.

As a result I highly recommend that you pick up a Green Smoke electronic cigarette. I am certain that it’s going to not merely amaze friends and family but leave you in a minor state of shock and awe when you initially utilize it. The cost may be a tad bit more however , you really get what you pay for. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette simply rocks!

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