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    Posted on March 7th, 2011 by Michel HoeThe Luci electronic cigarette is another one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. The starting cost of the Luci Electronic Cigarette starter pack is $59.99. This consists 2 rechargeable batteries; 1 atomizer; the home charging kit and 5 Luci flavored cartridges. Luci nicotine cartridges currently are available in four flavors: Cherry; Menthol; Tobacco and Coffee.

The Luci Electronic Cigarette packages will also be offered in other starter kits which range from the Luci Extended Starter Kit towards the Luci Complete Starter Kit. These differ only with the amount of refill cartridges provided in each package as well as the retail price.

User Experience With Luci Electronic CigaretteThe Luci Electronic Cigarette size and ergonomics are as near as you’ll find to that of a genuine cigarette.  Both the electronic cigarettes girth and length are almost identical to a normal Marlboro, for instance.

The shipping from Luci Electronic Cigarette seemed to be excellent.  Luci’s electronic cigarette arrived in less than week, within the time the order was placed.  When the package arrived, it turned out surprisingly pleasant to find out that the batteries were actually mostly charged, so we were allowed to start vaping right away.

The vapor production isn’t quite as effective as the Green Smoke (read our review on Green Smoke), nevertheless the production is adequate.  The build construction is solid along with the fact that the Luci Electronic Cigarette is known for a very sleek appearance.  There were no issues that this thing could fall apart in the near future.

Each cartridge is approximately the same as roughly 15 tobacco cigarettes, while using cost of each cartridge averaging about $2.  Therefore the price savings over conventional cigarettes remains to be definitely there.

The largest advantage of the Luci Electronic Cigarette over other brands may be the integrated nicotine chip.  What this really does is after a period of time, prevents the ecigarette from delivering any further nicotine.  This is particularly good, because you literally can just keep puffing away on the e-cigarette before cartridge empties or even the battery dies!

Before long, you’ll become comfortable with not “putting out” your electronic cigarette, after vaping for what may be the same as a regular cigarette.  But before you develop that instinct, the integrated chip from the Luci cigarette is a superb safe guard.

Luci Electronic Cigarette cartridges are open ended.  This means that it’s very easy to purchase your own e-liquid to refill these cartridges.  This provides a handful of advantages; the price per cigarette is lowered plus your selection of flavors is now much wider.


Our experience with the Luci Electronic Cigarette has been very pleasant to say the least. We had zero problems with Luci and yet again we saved money over smoking traditional cigarettes.

We are pleased to say Luci Electronic Cigarette is yet another one of the best electronic cigarettes we’ve tried. We have no doubt you’ll love it as well.

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