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    Posted on March 10th, 2011 by Michel HoeToday's Electronic Cigarette Review is featuring the NJOY Electronic Cigarette! This is an electronic cigarette we've had on our mind for a long time now. Why? Simple, NJOY Electronic Cigarette has been one of the Electronic Cigarettes that's been around for the longest time. They are proving to have staying power and maintaining their image as one of the best electronic cigarettes in the industry. They are one of the few electronic cigarettes that has managed to keep selling a significant amount of electronic cigarettes online as well as take their brand offline (See our post on Costco, Target, and Walgreens selling NJOY Electronic Cigarette).

That is the main reason we are excited to tell you about the NJOY Electronic Cigarette. With NJOY being sold by Costco and Target online as well as on the shelves at Walgreens, it gives you the impression that it must be one of the best electronic cigarettes available!

Well, we're pleased to tell you that NJOY Electronic Cigarette does not disappoint!

Packaging And Appearence

Like we've mentioned in most of our electronic cigarette reviews, this is a very important piece of the puzzle. How the electronic cigarette is initially perceived is very important, at least to us it is! Like the saying goes, you only get one first impression!

NJOY Electronic Cigarette seems to use the "less is more" when it comes to their packaging. But, we think this is a good thing. NJOY come's in a simple yellow box which simply states "The Pleasures Of Smoking".  Inside the box, everything is packaged nicely and presented in a very professional manner. You know when you buy an NJOY Electronic Cigarette, you're getting a quality e-cigarette. Overall, we like the way NJOY Electronic Cigarette is presented!

Battery Quality

Now, NJOY Electronic Cigarette has a few different kits they sell and we'll talk about those later on and let you know what is included in those. But, all of those come with the same battery, and we're happy about that. The NJOY Electronic Cigarette battery is a great battery and never let us down.

Like we've said in the past, the electronic cigarette battery we think can really make or break your electronic cigarette. Let's think about this for a second. How many smokers are used to charging their cigarette? Not many! So it's safe to assume that you'll forget to charge your electronic cigarette battery once or twice! Because we know this will happen, this is the part we tend to evaluate the hardest!

While we were doing our NJOY Electronic Cigarette Review, we would get about 6-7 hours from our electronic cigarette battery, which is very good! Now remember, this is 6-7 hours of time that was used while being puffed on. We don't want you to think it will only last 7 hours once it's taken off the charger. We were able to get about 6-7 hours of "Puff Time". This is top notch and it proves why NJOY Electronic Cigarette is proving itself to be one of the best electronic cigarettes available!

One of the things we also want to make not of is, NJOY Electronic Cigarette also gives you an option of battery color. So you can customize your electronic cigarette!

Refills and Flavors

NJOY Electronic Cigarettes is one of the few companies that has been using a two piece electronic cigarette. This means NJOY has the battery as one piece and the combine the cartridge and atomizer as another piece. Some think this has a few benefits. They claim that its less messy than putting on a new cartridge which can sometimes leak the nicotine solution and since these refill cartridges have the atomizer/cartridge as one, the cartridge solution is completely sealed.

This also means that each time you put on a new cartridge, you're getting a fresh atomizer! This we can definitely tell you is a plus. Although atomizer don't "wear out" fast, it's nice to have a fresh atomizer every time you replace a cartridge.

Now for flavors, NJOY currently only has two flavors, but this is something we like. We think that selling flavors like apple, cherry, or chocolate appeal to much to kids or people under the legal smoking age. NJOY Electronic Cigarette sell a traditional flavor or a menthol flavor, but having excellent realistic taste.

Starter Kits Available

NPRO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - According to NJOY, this is an improved version of their most popular version of their electronic cigarette. This kit literally comes with everything you'll need to get started and stay smoking an electronic cigarette for a long time. NPRO Electronic Cigarette starter kit includes:

1 NJOY Cigarette-Style Device10 Refill Cartridges/Atomizers2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries1 Electronic Cigarette ChargerOverallWell, to finish off this NJOY Electronic Cigarette Review we just want to let you know that we think if you're looking to get started with an electronic cigarette, or switch up your main brand of choice and try something new, NJOY is a great choice!

We had zero issues with NJOY, day in and day out it did exactly what we wanted! It has a great amount of vapor and lasts just as long as any other electronic cigarette on the market! NJOY really can be considered one of the best electronic cigarettes available today!

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