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    Posted on March 3rd, 2011 by Michel HoeIn our search for the best electronic cigarettes we were recently given the opportunity to review the Prado Electronic Cigarette. If you haven’t heard of the Prado electronic cigarette, today is your lucky day! Not only do they offer one of the premier electronic cigarettes in the industry, they’ve also offered our readers the chance to try their e-cigarette for $9.95!

As with all of the electronic cigarettes we review, you’re going to get all of the benefits of an electronic cigarette. You don’t have to worry about tar, tobacco, secondhand smoke, any of the 4,000+ carcinogens, or smelling like an ashtray!

Packaging and Appearance

Our overall opinion of the looks of Prado electronic cigarette is good! We like to think of the design as an important piece of the “electronic cigarette puzzle”. You want your customers to get the feeling that they are buying a quality product. Prado electronic cigarette definitely makes sure of this!

The outside of the has a nice, almost cursive written name. It give the Prado Electronic Cigarette a very elegant feel. Inside is a nicely packaged electronic cigarette waiting for its user!

Battery StrengthIf you are an avid reader of Best Electronic Cigarette, then you know that overall, one of the MOST important things we base our electronic cigarette reviews off of is the electronic cigarette battery. This part of the e cigarette kit is key, and here’s why. Say you’ve been smoking for three years and now you’ve made the decision to switch to electronic cigarettes, great! How many times in those three years did you get home and put your tobacco cigarette on the charger? We’re going to guess, not to many times.

So what we do in our electronic cigarette reviews is focus heavily on the electronic cigarette battery! We’re please to tell you that Prado’s electronic cigarette battery is top notch! We used the electronic cigarette for majority of the work day and had zero issues with it!

OverallAll in all, Prado electronic cigarette is another great option if you’re looking to start using electronic cigarettes. Many of the electronic cigarette companies out now claim to be the best electronic cigarette available, but few can live up to Prado’s standard!

What comes in the Prado Electronic Cigarette kit:

Also, Prado Electronic Cigarette is now doing a special. Try their electronic cigarette for only $9.95!

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