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    Posted on February 22nd, 2011 by Michel HoeSmokers, of all people know exactly what the drawbacks are to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The lingering smell of smoke on all your clothes. The smoke smell you’re never really able to get out of your car. The COST of cigarettes, and we haven’t even gotten to the health issues that tobacco cigarettes have! Smoking traditional cigarettes is extremely harmful to your body. You’re literally inhaling over 4,000 carcinogens!

Until now smokers really didn’t have a choice! If you’re a smoker, you smoked tobacco cigarettes… until now.

Electronic cigarettes are the answer to all the common issues associated with cigarettes!

What Is The Electronic Cigarette, aka “The E-Cig”?

E-Cigarettes are the tar free, tobacco free, smell free, worry free way to smoke! They look, taste, and feel like a real cigarette without the hassle of a lighter, without the worry of that smoke smell, and without and second hand smoke! There is no tobacco being burnt, no risk of fire, and no inhalation of harmful smoke!

The picture below will give you an idea of what goes into making an e-cigarette work. At one end there’s a Cartridge. The cartridge is where the liquid nicotine is. Next inline is the Atomizer. Think of the atomizer as a tiny heating element. When the e-cigarette is puffed on, the atomizer heats up the liquid nicotine and turns it into an odorless vapor. This is what can be thought of as the “smoke”. After the atomizer is the battery and on the tip of the batter is a LED light that glows red when its puffed on. This also turns red when its charging. Combine all of these things and you get the Electronic Cigarette! A tar free, smoke free, smell free, worry free way to smoke!

Refilling / Replacing Cartridges.

Depending on the sizes of your puffs, each e-cigarette cartridge will last you anywhere from 200-250 puffs. Now think about how many puffs you get out of each traditional cigarette! Once your cartridge starts to run low, you’ll notice a lack of vapor. All you have to do is slide off the filter, and plug another one in!

The cost of filters can vary greatly, but from what we’ve found most companies will send you 15-20 cartridges at a time which cost anywhere from $30-50! The savings you get using the electronic cigarette are huge!

Do you want to get a better idea of just how much you might save? Check out our E-Cigarette Savings Calculator!

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