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    Posted on March 21st, 2011 by Michel HoeWhat do we look for when we’re trying to find the Best Electronic Cigarette? We’ll, we’re going to go into our process. What we do, and why we do it. Their has to be a method to this madness, right? Well, there is with us. A lot of sites will just review electronic cigarettes and tell you what they think the best electronic cigarette is. We don’t think that’s the correct way to do it, here’s why.

What if you’re a smoker that’s been smoking tobacco cigarettes for over five years. You really want the best electronic cigarette with the most realistic traditional tobacco flavor, the longest lasting batter, and convenient way to order more electronic cigarette refills. Well, you are going to want this type of electronic cigarette. Now, what if you’re a casual smoker, you only really smoke when you drink, go out, etc. You don’t really need an electronic cigarette with the most realistic tobacco taste, but you want an electronic cigarette that offers a lot of different flavors! Well in that case, the best electronic cigarette for you is going to be completely different than the electronic cigarette that works best for the person seriously looking to quit smoking!

So here’s what we go over.

Packaging and Style

We’ll say this in ever electronic cigarette review. This will not make or break your electronic cigarette. You really shouldn’t judge a book by the cover and we know that. But, since E-Cigarettes are still so new, we like an electronic cigarette to be eye catching. For the most part, when people see the electronic cigarette for the first time, it’s their first time even hearing about it!

With that in mind, we think it helps to either have a very eye catching package or go the minimalist route, less is more type of thing. Either way, make them nice and presentable.Battery Strength

We happen to think, no matter what type of smoker you are, this could be the most important thing to any electronic cigarette. Let’s think about this for a second. Whether you’re a smoker that has been smoking for ten years or six months. How many times in that period have you gone home and plugged in your cigarette? We’re going to guess, zero. So it’s safe to say that you’re probably going to forget to charge your electronic cigarette once or twice when you first get it. If you’ve bough an electronic cigarette with a crappy battery, well then, you’re not going to be to happy when it dies on you since you forgot to charge it!

There are a few things we like when we look for the best electronic cigarette in regards to their batteries. The standard electronic cigarette battery comes with a 3.5Volt battery. So if you’re going to include the standard size in your electronic cigarette, give the person two batteries. In the long run, it will keep the customer happy and make sure you have a return customer! Or, you can go the route we’ve seen a few electronic cigarettes go, which is producing a bigger electronic cigarette battery! Some E-Cigarettes have began to produce a 5Volt battery which we happen to love!

Flavors and Refills

This really is where the best electronic cigarettes can vary from person to person. So, you’re a person who really wants to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. In 2012, So you’re looking for an electronic cigarette with a long lasting battery and a traditional taste as well as an easy way to re-order refills. Well, the best electronic cigarette for you is going to be completely different from the social smoker. The person who wants to just use the electronic cigarette as an ice breaker, the person who wants to buy an electronic cigarette with a cherry, vanilla, and pineapple flavor!

With this option alone, the best electronic cigarette can really vary from person to person.

Starter Kit Choices

Now, this isn’t as much of a big deal, but it is always nice to have options. This is one of the last things we look at in 2012-2013. Either, how much is the starter kit or does this company have different options/classes of starter kits to choose from? We’re pleased to say that now a days, a lot of companies have began to have different electronic cigarette starter kits at different price points, which we love! Again, the more options the better!


When it comes to searching for the best electronic cigarettes, we only review the best. But, like we said, they’re electronic cigarettes that work better for one smoker then they will for another smoker.

We hope you keep these point in mind when you search for the best electronic cigarette!

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